Phil and dan dating proof

And if the headline didn't give it away, we can reveal that phil is way hotter than mr dan howell (don't @ us) a swiss dating app called blinq has teamed up with some scientific clever people and. Dan has said that he is bi, in lots of earlier tweets and comments and such, and phil hasn’t really talked about his sexuality much personally, i don’t think they are actually dating, i just think they’d be really cute together. I strongly believe in the death of the author the internet owns it now voted: best phan blog 2013 most appreciated phan blog 2013 and biggest phan shipper 2013 see the 'links' page below for the. Charlie (charlieskies) is an old friend of phil’s who was in the youtube community in 2009/2010 and may or may not have dated or had some form of a thing with phil before dan and phil met [see here for more on this] once dan joined the youtube community, they quickly became friends. Tweet with a location you can add location information to your tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications.

As far as we know, dan howell and phil lester are not dating, however, they are both bisexual so it is a possibility both dan and phil try to stay away from questions like that to keep peace on. The dan and phil sexuality post ughhhh here we go the dan and phil sexuality post: before i begin, i would just like to state that everything that is about to be explained is my own opinion of the events that have taken place. Dan & phil xd the fine bros ship it lmao find this pin and more on phan proof by maddie phan even the fine bros ship it yay wait that does mean phil is the groom and dan is the bride.

2 dan and phil are messing with dil and tabitha’s relationship you’ve surely heard the conspiracy theory that says tabitha doesn’t even exist as a sims universe character and it was all created by dan and phil to get their son a girlfriend like the creeps they are. What is your opinion on phan, the ship name between dan and phil update cancel but is it true are dan and phil bi do you think they are dating ask new question amy, linguist i would like to make my own phan proof video though soon edit: if dan and phil announced that they were in a relationship, i feel like it would be kind of. Dan films the last bit of his video at phil’s house (you can tell by the walls and the bedspread that phil is sitting on in the video) now, just to sum up the events.

Say dan and phil really were married or have a domestic partnership, all proof of that be on the public court records of london at least in the united states anybody can access court records from a database online. On 11-6-1991 dan howell (nickname: dan) was born in wokingham, berkshire, england, united kingdom he made his 2 million dollar fortune with hello internet, youtube, vlogging, bbc radio 1 the dj , dating lucy hale, his starsign is gemini and he is now 27 years of age. Dan and phil get married 41 likes here to help people with obsesions mainly dan and phil but maybe other youtubers. Here's some proof of phan (dan and phil) dating in 2009-2012 :d apparently they broke it off in 2012 (a break) bye :p.

The hardcore phans tend to use this as proof of phan being real (dan and phil dating) # is a continous of 2 but the hardcore phan/shipping of dan and phil tends to be controversial i think it gets on dan and phil’s nerves at times since they have said quite a few times that they are not dating. Personally, i think there'd be a total shitstorm if dan or phil revealed they had a significant other 98% of the phandom would have a meltdown and i can't imagine the harassment and possibly even stalking their so would have to endure. After the success of their book, similarly named tabinof, the usa tour has certainly been a hit with dan and phil fansthe uk tour, at the end of last year, sold out within minutes and great. Two uber sexilicious british youtubers- which would you date even if you do get phil, be sure to go read dan's result too- i like his better and yes the cover photo is a polar bear two uber sexilicious british youtubers- which would you date even if you do get phil, be sure to go read dan's result too- i like his better and yes the.

Phil lester amazingphil lessamazingphil dan howell danisnotonfire danisnotinteresting phan phandom fan fandom dan and phil phan proof gay marriage gay gay couple youtubers youtuber youtube bbc radio 1 bbc radio 1 radio youtube meme phan meme dan and phil meme 2,828 notes reblog. Cereal (a dan x phil phanfic oneshot) i'm a human completed july 15, 2016 a cute dan x phil phanfiction, i found a prompt while looking through phan pictures and thought it was adorable, so sorry if something like this already exists. Dan knew all of this and thought about it often, about how the fans would react and how they would do it, if it would be on his channel or phil’s–or if they would make another channel all together–and how they would go about telling people.

Dan and phil are not dating although may people think they are, dan makes it extremely clear that they are not many friends flirt, though i have not seen any flirty behavior in either of them. I think phil proposed to dan in japan idk just imagine it i mean all the pretty cherry blossoms and culture and how cute it would be. Ok i know this blog is dead but for fuck’s sake phil zoomed in on dan’s crotch and changed in front of him and this isn’t fanfiction are you fucking kidding me.

Phil and dan dating proof
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